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About ScanDir
ScanDir is a computer program designed for desktop PC's with a Microsoft Windows operating system. It's primary purpose is to assist in file and folder management. Use the search argument to find files and/or folders with specific characteristics. The files and folders found are presented in a search result list (item list). The search results can be exported to a text file, printed or used to Delete, Copy, Move or Rename.

ScanDir 1.3.3 - Release Notes
This update of ScanDir contains fixes for known problems in previous versions and one major change compared to version 1.3.2: the drive selection box has been removed and all drives are now grouped under 'This PC' in the directory tree.

The main advantage of this new tree structure is that all connected PC drives can be scanned at once. A potential disadvantage is that some operations may take longer to complete. For more information check: Performance.

Important notes
Use the directory context menu (right-click in Dir.Tree) to access the directory tree:
  • Scan: start Scan from selected directory. When 'This PC' is selected, all folders on all drives are scanned. *WARNING* 'Scan: This PC' may last VERY long!
  • Refresh: Rebuild the directory tree from the selected directory. Changes in the folder structure made by other programs become visible.
  • Expand all: Expand all folders under the selected directory. *WARNING* 'Expand all' for 'This PC' may take up to half an hour.
  • Collapse all: Collapse all folders under the selected directory.

Recent updates:
+ Added: All drives are grouped in Dir.Tree under 'This PC'.
+ Added: Set User Font restored (Configuration | Advanced).
+ Added: Select file size: Bytes/Kbytes/MBytes/GBytes.
+ Added: Additional log messages.
+ Added: Click on Filename in Information display to copy filename to clipboard.
+ Added: Configuration option to suppress PopUp message(s) during Scan.
+ Added: Attribute: update File date created.
+ Added: new command: Empty file.
+ Added: Find (Ctrl+F) in Item list.
+ Added: Invert selection.
+ Changed: Delete button moved from top to [Scan], [Dir], [Stop] buttons.
+ Fixed: Shift+U and Shift+D to move (re-order) entries in item list.
+ Fixed: USB drives did not show in Copy/Move dialog.
+ Fixed: Multiple Rename "Reply: Yes to All" messages.
+ Fixed: Source directory not deleted after "Move Directory".
+ Fixed: Process files with .jpeg extension as .jpg image.
+ Fixed: Show message (log, status bar) when folders are Skipped or Access is Denied.
+ Fixed: Rename template (skipping first character after the last '#').
+ Fixed: Copy/paste Address bar, Scan argument.

For an overview of all changes see: History

ScanDir Version 1.3.3
ScanDir 1.3.3 is the latest version of ScanDir. There are no updates.

What's next...
ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1416 includes a nightmode and fixes for known problems. It can be downloaded here

For the longer term, ScanTFS is planned. ScanTFS will be based on the code of ScanDir Version 1.3.4 (which will remain supported for the time beeing). Less often used functions (e.g. Join/Split and Print) from ScanDir will be removed. Internal processing will be optimezed and the user interface will be updated.

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