Updates & fixes  
Version 1.3.3 updates
+ Added: All drives are grouped in Dir.Tree under 'This PC'.
+ Added: Set User Font restored (Configuration | Advanced).
+ Added: Select file size: Bytes/Kbytes/MBytes/GBytes.
+ Added: Additional log messages.
+ Added: Click on Filename in Information display to copy filename to clipboard.
+ Added: Configuration option to suppress PopUp message(s) during Scan.
+ Added: Attribute: update File date created.
+ Added: new command: Empty file.
+ Added: Find (Ctrl+F) in Item list.
+ Added: Invert selection.
+ Changed: Delete button moved from top to [Scan], [Dir], [Stop] buttons.
+ Fixed: Shift+U and Shift+D to move (re-order) entries in item list.
+ Fixed: USB drives did not show in Copy/Move dialog.
+ Fixed: Multiple Rename "Reply: Yes to All" messages.
+ Fixed: Source directory not deleted after "Move Directory".
+ Fixed: Process files with .jpeg extension as .jpg image.
+ Fixed: Show message (log, status bar) when folders are Skipped or Access is Denied.
+ Fixed: Rename template (skipping first character after the last '#').
+ Fixed: Copy/paste Address bar, Scan argument.

Version 1.3.2 updates
+ Added: Calculate directory size (incl. sub directories);
+ Added: Additional / more detailed log messages;
+ Added: Directory info added to File info;
+ Added: Quick Rename using Template;
+ Added: Usability enhancements;
+ Fixed: Zoom floating preview image (instead of scrolling items);
+ Fixed: Show USB drives in Drive List;
+ Fixed: Show hidden directories (starting with '.');
+ Fixed: Suppress superfluous confirmation popups;
+ Fixed: Create directory from root;

Previous updates
+ CRC32 added;
* Dir.Tree System and Hidden selection saved;
+ Re-arranged configuration options;
+ File locations added to Info window;
+ Enable concurrent use of 32-bit and 64-bit version for portable distribution;
+ 64-bit windows support;
+ Unicode UTF-8 support;
+ Regular Expression as search argument;
+ Log All commands (default= no);
+ Rename convention to prevent duplicate filenames changed into: filename (n).ext;
+ Select similar removed;
+ Info tab moved to new Information screen, click (i)-button to display;
+ Directory tree re-written to include system and hidden folders;
+ View and Misc Options combined under Iterface;
+ Clear, Load and Save buttons for List and Skip moved to PopUp menu;
+ Start option -l added to start ScanDir with detailed logging;
+ Excl.filenames changed into Filenames (Y/N) and Incl.dir.names changed into Directories (Y/N); + Improved image support (.TIFF added);
+ Rename | (1) Edit: [Crop] options updated;
+ Rename | (2) Add: date option added;
+ Rename | (3) Number: Separator text added;
+ Delete button added to the toolbar;
+ Skip intro option added to MediaPlayer;
+ View tab moved to Preview pane (Ctrl+Alt+V);
+ Copy (preview) image (to clipboard) added;
+ Time display during audio playback;
+ Select multiple audio files for playback;
+ [Stop], [Scan] and [Dir] buttons always visible;
+ Creation date added to selection options;
+ Copy full path added to Copy/Move;
+ Add numbers during rename added to Copy/Move;
+ List with frequently used Files added;
+ Create multiple (sub) directories added;
+ Pagenumbers added to Report and List print output;
+ Mixed string and pattern search arguments;
+ Click on Preview pane to show | hide preview;
+ Customizable scan strings for [SCAN] buttom (PopUp menu);
+ Case sensitive String search added;
+ Support for BartPE removed;
+ Font dialog removed;

Previous fixes
+ If scandir.ini file not found, ScanDir will create one;
+ If .ini file processing is disabled, the Copy/Move dialog displays the target directory Tree;
+ Check for duplicate filename during rename;
+ Display invalid file timestamp with 0000-00-00 00:00;
+ History included in Address bar for Copy/Move dialog;
+ Problem with "Open with..." fixed;
+ Fixed problems with Create/Rename/Delete Dir;
+ Copy/move count corrected;
+ Scan for filenames without extension corrected;
+ Problem with [Cancel] button fixed;
+ Problem with suffix during Copy/Move solved;
+ Problem with installer (missing start menu shortcut) solved;
+ Rename problems with duplicate file names fixed;

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