beta 1.3.4 

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1828 ( jump to download section )

Version 1.3.4 - coming soon...
...with: night mode themes, updated icons, "all-in-one" Rename dialog, bug fixes and performance improvements.

ScanDir 1.3.4

ScanDir 1.3.4 -- changes
+ New: Night mode themes.
+ New: Rename multiple items from the Rename pane using a template.
+ New: RegEx in Rename.
+ New: Random string in Rename.
+ Upd: Rename dialog redesign.
+ Fix: Removed 'dead' button in floating (pre)View window.
+ Fix: RegEx problem with File path/name/extension setting.
+ Fix: Negative numbers in Bytes read and Bytes written after Join.
+ Fix: Scan of sub-directories after Split/Join.

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1828 -- Portable (.zip file for x86/x64)

Download and unzip to the location where you want to store ScanDir. Since this is a beta version of ScanDir, I recommend not to use your ScanDir program directory, but use a temporary directory instead! The following files will be extracted:
scandir64.exe (64-bit executable),
scandir.exe (32-bit executable),
scandir.chm (help file)

DOWNLOAD ( MD5= 85570ED1AA01D519B45E01C411B2D15E )

ScanDir beta 1.3.4 build 1828 -- Installation (Windows installer)

A Windows installer version will be available for the final release

The redesigned "all-in-one" Rename dialog

The Rename dialog has been redesigned. All rename options are available in a single screen: the 'Rename', 'Crop', 'Insert', 'Swap' and 'Path' tabs have been removed. The Prefix/suffix Date, CRC32 and MD5 options are replaced with the Template masks: $D (day), $M (month), $Y (year), $CRC and $MD5. The number option is replaced by the Template mask: '###' (One '#' for every number position). An '*' in the Template is replaced by the current filename. $RND inserts a 32-character random character string. Where $CRC and $MD5 use the entire file content to calculate the checksum, $RND uses a random number instead of the file content to generate a random string. This makes $RND considerably faster than $MD5 and $CRC. All Template directives except '*' may also be used within the Insert string. This allows inserting sequence numbers (###), date ($D, $M, $Y) and checksum strings ($CRC, $MD5, $RND) at any position within the filename. RegEx can now be used in the 'Find' string.

ScanDir 1.3.4

The following examples illustrates using Template directives:

File before rename......: old_filename.txt
Insert ........................: (###) at: 4
File after rename.........: old_(001)filename.txt

File before rename......: old_filename.txt
Template....................: [$RND] *-###
File after rename.........: [8FF6FA57CF7DC6436EFD2061B7C77711] old_filename-001.txt

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