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Working with HashTFS

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Getting started

The first thing HashTFS needs is a list of files to work with. Hit the [Load] button to Load (read) an existing file list or click the [Add] button add filenames to the (empty) file list. You can manually create a file list using your favourite text editor or let ScanDir or ScanTFS generate one for you. See: File list for a descryption of the file list layout.

The next step is to generate [Calculate] the hash values (digest) for the files in the list. The computed hash values are added to the file list. When hash values have been calculated, HashTFS can be used to verify [Verify] (validate) the hash values at a future point in time. The updated file list must be saved:

[Save] replace the original file list;
[Save as...] create a new file list;

If [ ] Remove files not found is [v] checked, files that were NOT FOUND are removed from the file list when it is saved.

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