To display the Configuration screen click the [Config] button, select Configuration from the Options pull-down menu, or press [Alt+C].


Set default file selection criteria. Refer to: Selection criteria for additional information on using scan arguments.
[-] Auto complete Scan string - Enable or disable auto complete for the Scan argument(s). By default auto complete is enabled, which means that ScanTFS will try to complete the Scan argument after the first characters have been entered.
[-] Sort Scan strings - Indicate whether or not the entries in the drop-down list from the Scan argument should be sorted. By default sort is enabled, which means that the Scan arguments are sorted alphabetically.

Custom scan string 1 .. 5:

Specify up to 5 scan strings that will be used in the PopUp menu (right-click) for the [Scan] button. Select or | and | not from the drop-down list to indicate the relation between the arguments.

[-] Save bookmarks - Specify if Bookmarks should be saved.
[-] Save addresses list - Specify if last address entries used should be saved.
[-] Save scan history - Specify if the scan history should be saved.
[-] Save copy/move destination history - Specify if the copy/move destination history should be saved.

[Clear] button - Press this button to clear the corresponding history entries.


Specify the which fields are included in the output file.

[-] Include Scan string - include the Scan string used for the last Scan;
[-] Include Header - include header text;
[-] Include Statistics - include file statistics;

[-] Include Attribute - include attribute ('.' = folder, ':' = file);
[-] Include Pathname - include pathname
[-] Include File size - include file size
[-] Include File date - include file date
[-] Glue path\filename - use one field for the pathname+filename;

[-] Set .CSV format - use predefined .CSV format;

CSV means Comma Separated Values. It is a file format that is recognized by many software packages. Set .CSV format forces the following settings:
[v] Quoted strings - use quoted strings;
[v] Title columns - include column titles;
[-] Scan string, [-] Header and [-] Statistics can not be selected for the .CSV format.

Delimiter: Select the delimiter to be used to separate the individual fields in the output. The Pipe '|' character is recommended because filename(s) cannot contain this character.

Header: specify an output header ( See above: [-] Include Header )

File name: specify output filename ( default= \..\scanlist.txt )

(-) Prompt - display a confirmation dialog if the output file already exists;
(-) Append - add the output at the end of the existing file;
(-) Replace - overwrite the contents of the existing file;


[-] Show system files - Indicate if System files should be included in the directory Tree.
[-] Show hidden files - Indicate if Hidden files should be included in the directory Tree.
[-] Suppress PopUp message(s) - Prevent that a PopUp message interrupts a running Scan operation. Only the PopUp is suppressed, messages are always written to the log.
[-] Calculate directory size - Indicate if directory (including all sub directories) size should be calculated when scanning for directories entries. Calculating directory size slows down the scanning process: all file entries in all sub directories are scanned to calculate the total file size!!
[-] Save Most Recently Used Directory - Specify if the directory that was last used should be saved and used as the initial directory the next time ScanTFS is started.
[-] Save Log file - Specify if the internal log (Log tab) should be saved to scantfs.log when ScanTFS is stopped.
[-] Minimize to system tray - Minimize to system tray instead of taskbar.

Item limit

The item limit is the maximum number of output items. Since all items are kept in memory, increasing this value also increases the memory used by ScanTFS. If this limit is reached the user is prompted to proceed (or not). See also: Messages.

Stop Intvl.

The Stop Interval is the number of actions that ScanTFS processes before it checks the [Stop] button. This is a tuning parameter. The larger the number, the faster ScanTFS will be. But if the number is too large, it may take some time before a running process is interrupted when the [Stop] button is pressed.

[User Font]
Click this button to modify the default font. The selected user font is used for the Directory Tree, Item List, Preview file, Preview Rename and Display checksum.

Startup folder

Specify the directory that should be selected when ScanTFS is started (ignored if "Save Most Recently Used directory" is selected).

Target folder

Specify the default directory that Save log file and Save item list should use.

Program directory ( for Open with... )

Specify the default directory to be used when Open with... is selected for an item in the item list.


Apply and Save the current configuration settings. Configuration settings are written to scantfs.ini.

Reset Configuration to the default values. The default values are the factory settings.

Discard all changes made to the Configuration.

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