The following short keys are defined:

Alt+B manage Bookmarks.
Alt+C Configuration.
Alt+F display File info for selected items
Alt+F4 Exit ScanDir.
Alt+H display Help.
Alt+I drop-down Items menu.
Alt+O drop-down Options menu.
Alt+S Save item list to a file.
Alt+V dropdown View menu.

Ctrl+A Select All items in Item list.
Ctrl+B Bookmark current directory.
Ctrl+Shift+B Bookmark directory from selected item.
Ctrl+C Copy selected text to clipboard.
Ctrl+C Copy selected file(s).
Ctrl+D Delete selected file(s).
Ctrl+Shift+D Purge selected file(s).
Ctrl+F Find in Item list.
Ctrl+Shift+F copy Filename(s) (without path) to clipboard.
Ctrl+I Invert selection in Item list.
Ctrl+M Move selected file(s).
Ctrl+N select None, de-select all items in Item list.
Ctrl+O Open selected file
Ctrl+Shift+P copy Path and Filename(s) to clipboard.
Ctrl+R Rename selected file(s).
Ctrl+Alt+R Toggle Rename pane.
Ctrl+S Sort items in Item list.
Ctrl+T Set Attributes for selected file(s).
Ctrl+V Paste text from clipboard.
Ctrl+Alt+V Toggle (pre)View pane.
Ctrl+X Cut selected text to clipboard.
Ctrl+X Exclude selected file(s) from Item list.

Del Delete file, works only within Item list.
Esc Escape, stop (interrupt) running scan.

Shitf+D move selected item Down in Item list
Shift+U move selected item Up in Item list
Shift+L select List tab.
Shift+T select Tree tab.
Shift+X select Exclude tab.
Shift+V select View tab.

PgUp Scroll back (prev) in item list.
PgDn Scroll forward (next) in item list.

Function keys
The default values for the function keys are:

F1 Help
F2 Refresh directory list
F3 Dir *.*
F4 Scan
F5 Copy
F6 Move
F7 Rename
F8 Delete
F9 Purge
F10 - not used -
F11 Configuration
F12 select Info tab

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