Save Dialog

Save as...

The Save dialog is displayed when the save option is selected from the file menu or when the button is pressed.

The following options specify how the saved file will be created:
[-] Include Header - include header text;
[-] Include Statistics - include file statistics;

[-] Include Attribute - include attribute ('.' = folder, ':' = file);
[-] Include FileSize - include file size;
[-] Include FileDate - include file date;

[-] Set .CSV format - use predefined .CSV format;

CSV means Comma Separated Values. It is a file format that is recognized by many software packages. Set .CSV format forces the following settings:
[v] Quoted strings - use quoted strings;
[v] Title columns - include column titles;
[-] Header and [-] Statistics can not be selected for the .CSV format.

Delimiter Select the delimiter to be used to separate the individual fields in the output. The .CSV format uses a ',' (comma) as delimiter.

Header specify an output header ( See above: [-] Include Header )

File name Name of the output list file ( default= \..\scanlist.txt ). Click [...] to browse folders.

(-) Prompt - display a confirmation dialog if the output file already exists;
(-) Append - append current file to existing file;
(-) Replace - replace existing file by current file;

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