View menu

Hover over Theme to select one of the available themes. The selected theme is applied and the setting is saved. To restore the default theme, select 'Windows'.

Show Hints
Toggle Hints. When Selected, balloon hints are displayed when the mouse hovers over a field or button.

Show Rename
View / hide the Rename pane at the bottom of the item list. The Rename pane is used to rename a single (selected) item from the item list or to rename multiple selected items using a template.

Show Preview
View / hide the Preview pane below the directory tree. The preview pane displays the content (if supported) of a selected file in the item list. Common text and image files can be pre-viewed.

Show Progress
Toggle Progress display in status bar. If selected, the directory that is currently scanned is displayed in the status bar. Show progress slows down the scan process.

Refresh directory Tree. The directory tree is rebuilt. This can be useful if another program changed the directory structure or if USB devices have been added or removed.

Reset window size
Reset the main window and Copy/move dialog window to their original size.

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