ScanTFS - file and folder management software for Windows PC's

Working on it...

ScanTFS is based on the code of ScanDir Version 1.3.4.

Some functions that were rarely used in ScanDir have been removed in ScanTFS. This makes ScanTFS easier to use and easier to maintain. Future versions of ScanTFS will focus on performance improvements. ScanDir will be maintained for those who require full functionality. ScanDir 1.3.4 is currently under development and will, in addition to bug fixes, include part of the new functionality from ScanTFS. For additional information on new, modified and removed functions see: Help

Functions that are no longer available in ScanTFS:
Functions that have changed in ScanTFS:
Functions that are new in ScanTFS:
Since the first release of ScanTFS has been delayed some (new) functionality from ScanTFS has been included in ScanDir beta 1.3.4 -- build 1828 to make these functions available for testing. ScanTFS is still under development, a first release is planned for 2020Q4.

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