Copy / Move dialog

Copy / Move

The Copy / Move dialog is displayed when one or more items are selected to be copied or moved. The default action (Copy or Move) is selected when the Copy / Move dialog is invoked, but it can still be altered at the top of the dialog window.

The destination directory (folder) is specified in one of the following ways:
- Select a destination from the directory tree using drag-and-drop (default drag= Copy, Shift+drag= Move)
- Enter (or paste) the complete path into the Destination bar,
- Click the [Browse] button next to the Destination bar,
- Select a directory from Bookmarks.

[-] Copy full path: check this box to include the full pathname during copy/move.
[-] Replace existing files: check this box to replace files that already exist in the target directry.
[-] Skip existing files: check this box to skip (do not copy or move) files that already exist in the target directry.
[-] Rename during copy/move: check this box to perform a simple rename during copy/move.

The following Rename operations are available:
- replace: "Old" string with "New" string;
- add: "Prefix" and/or "Suffix" string to filename(s);
- add: "Number" before or after filename(s);
- add: "Separator text" between number and filename;

[-] Goto target directory after copy/move: check to switch to the target directory when all files are copied or moved.

Use Rename for advanced rename functions.

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