ScanTFS does not use the Windows registry but instead it uses an .ini file. Using an .ini file instead of the Windows® Registry allows to run ScanTFS from a USB device.

USB device

To run ScanDir from a USB device, copy the following files:
- scantfs.exe (or scantfs64.exe)
- scantfs.ini (optional)

How ScanTFS processes .ini files

When ScanTFS is started, it will look for an .ini file in the start-up folder. If found, ScanTFS will use this .ini file. If no .ini file is found in the start-up directory, ScanTFS will look for an .ini file in the Local Windows ApplData folder. If an .ini file is found here. ScanTFS will use it.

If ScanTFS did not find any .ini file at all, it will create one (unless commandline option -i is used) in the Local Windows ApplData folder.

The name of the .ini file is ScanTFS.ini for 32-bit operating systems and ScanTFS64.ini for 64-bit operating systems.

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